Dutch Horse Trading, 5-7 March 2024

Dutch Horse Trading, 5-7 March 2024

Ended on Mar 7, 2024, 10:49 PM

1 broodmare, 22 sport horses, 32 young horses, 2 equitation, 4 hunter, 6 pleasure horses, 1 dressage horse

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Viper Lady M

My dam jumped 1.45m! My half-brothers jump 1.45m and 1.50m!

1. Viper Lady M

Piece Of Cake M x Sire Major de la Cour

°2021 Mare Young horse

Phaedra Maria

Quality sport horse!

2. Phaedra Maria

Kardesh x Lord Z

°2020 Mare Young horse

Victor 111

From the direct dam line of Winningmood!

3. Victor 111

Pegase van't Ruytershof x Udarco van Overis

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Estée van 't Lozerhof Z

My sister jumps 1.50m!

4. Estée van 't Lozerhof Z

El Barone 111 Z x Kashmir van Schuttershof

°2021 Mare Young horse


Beauty & Brains

5. Oreo

Gaspahr x Horse La Loi II

°2019 Mare Sport horse

Lakuna Matata

A competitive show horse with experience at 1.35m level!

6. Lakuna Matata

Herald 3 x Contender

°2016 Gelding Sport horse

Tacho van het Schaarbroek Z


7. Tacho van het Schaarbroek Z

Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Darco

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Taleska 1919 Z

8. Taleska 1919 Z

Taloubet Z x Casall

°2019 Mare Sport horse

Itorina BK

A careful, competitive mare with show experience up to 1.30m level!

9. Itorina BK

Durango VDL x Matterhorn

°2013 Mare Sport horse

Un Poco Van’t Diepenbroeck VF


10. Un Poco Van’t Diepenbroeck VF

Picasso van de Veldstraat x Cayenne Van De Heffinck

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Cherie JVH Z

My brother is Cigaret JVH (1.60m jumper)

12. Cherie JVH Z

Casquino x Kannan

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Ohala Z

Oh La La

14. Ohala Z

Omano BC x Quattro

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Rocco B

We proudly present!

15. Rocco B

Apardi x Harley VDL

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Perfect KC

Top quality! Watch the video and see for yourself!

16. Perfect KC

Komme Casall TN x Verdi

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Noxx S41 Z

My mum already produced 3 1.60m horses and is the full sister of Van Gogh!

18. Noxx S41 Z

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x Numero Uno

°2021 Stallion Young horse

El Nino R Z

Scope never goes out of style

19. El Nino R Z

El Barone 111 Z x Cornet Obolensky

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Dipped In Chocolate Z

Fantastique jumper!

20. Dipped In Chocolate Z

Dourkan Hero Z x Westpoint

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Dancing Queen

A rare find, but here she is!

21. Dancing Queen

Just Wimphof x Westpoint

°2021 Mare Dressage horse

Qlass Z

Big Friendly Giant

23. Qlass Z

Quasimodo Z x Mr. Blue

°2015 Gelding Sport horse

Aspen Du Keske Z

Pregnant mare, you could have a foal in 2 months!

24. Aspen Du Keske Z

Apollo Z x Carthago

°2019 Mare Broodmare

Pepper vd Watermolen

25. Pepper vd Watermolen

Lifestyle x Connect

°2020 Stallion Young horse


Top Hunter!

26. Tornado

Amadeo van 't Vossenhof Z x Nabab de Reve

°2019 Gelding Hunter

Star van Jonckhoeve Z

Jumper, Equitation or Hunter horse?

27. Star van Jonckhoeve Z

Hunter's Scendro x Nagano

°2016 Gelding Equitation


Grand Prix horse in the making!

28. Norton

Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Amethist

°2018 Gelding Sport horse


My brothers jump 1.50m!

29. Ludwieg-W

Chester Z x Voltaire

°2016 Stallion Sport horse

O'Ciao Bella

Hello Beauty!

31. O'Ciao Bella

Cabrio vd Heffinck x Verdi

°2019 Mare Sport horse

Proud Mary v d Lyste Veste Z


32. Proud Mary v d Lyste Veste Z

Panenka de Kalvarie x Numero Uno

°2020 Mare Young horse

Izorline Z

Winner’s mentality and quality!

33. Izorline Z

I'm Special de Muze x Indoctro

°2019 Gelding Sport horse


A horse who can jump mountains!

34. Nacho-Tren

O'neill vd Bisschop x Sam R

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Viginto DKB & TB

Loads of scope!

35. Viginto DKB & TB

Corydon van T&L x Griseldi

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Tequila Tonti Z

Beautiful mare with a great jump on her!

36. Tequila Tonti Z

Tobago Z x Numero Uno

°2020 Mare Young horse

Otranto Molga Eurohill

Modern sport horse from acclaimed lineage!

37. Otranto Molga Eurohill

Carrera VDL x Padinus

°2019 Mare Sport horse

Olante R

For those looking for quality!

38. Olante R

Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Douglas

°2019 Mare Sport horse


Pony with a brilliant future ahead!

39. Janus

°2020 Gelding Pleasure horse


Show jumper to the core!

42. Ramulandra

Kallmar VDL x Tolan R

°2021 Mare Young horse

Red Dragon

My mum jumps 1.60m, my half-brother 1.45m!

43. Red Dragon

Poker de Mariposa TN x Cornet Obolensky

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Carin Z


44. Carin Z

Canturano x Harley VDL

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Textbook jumping technique

45. Paxx-D

Kardesh x Power Blade

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Racoon Go Go

My mum jumped 1.50m with Willem Greve!

46. Racoon Go Go

Poker de Mariposa x Zirocco Blue VDL

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Calvin Klein GPH Z

Dream horse!

48. Calvin Klein GPH Z

Cicero Z x Casall

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Royal Grey

Brother of ambrosio d’alcy 1.60 level Pius schwizer

49. Royal Grey

Dorian Grey TN x Calvaro Z

°2021 Stallion Young horse


Performance dam line!

50. Ricardo

Kensington ES x Numero Uno

°2021 Gelding Young horse


Direct Casall offspring

51. Chloë

Casall x Cassini II

°2020 Mare Young horse



52. Madame

Veenstra's Grapjas x Wester Aikema's Nando

°2017 Mare Pleasure horse

Indigo van de Mullegracht Z

My sister jumps 1.60m!

54. Indigo van de Mullegracht Z

Ideal de la Loge x Quidam de Revel

°2019 Gelding Sport horse


No fence too high!

56. Perry

Diarado x Verdi

°2020 Gelding Sport horse

Spike vd Heffinck

Amateur or equitation horse

57. Spike vd Heffinck

Foncetti vd Heffinck x Echo vt Spieveld

°2018 Gelding Equitation

Usted vd Donkhoeve

My brother jumps 1.50m!

58. Usted vd Donkhoeve

Quatre Mai x Cassini I

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Pharaoh FAB

Dressage, jumping, eventing or pleasure horse, I am up for everything!

59. Pharaoh FAB

Escamillo x Concorde

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Lakeway's Venice

Jumper or hunter?

60. Lakeway's Venice

Maron's Gladiator x Linde Hoeve's Elegant

°2018 Mare Pleasure horse

Radima Gratia


61. Radima Gratia

Aganix du Seigneur x Chacco Blue

°2021 Mare Young horse

Phivianne B

Beauty alert!

62. Phivianne B

Opium JW vd Moerhoeve TN x Grandorado TN

°2020 Mare Young horse

Mya Mara

This will make your child TRULY happy!

63. Mya Mara

°2011 Mare Pleasure horse


Untapped potential!

64. Deejay

Del'Arko d'Henvet x Clarimo

°2020 Gelding Young horse

I Am Z

Perfect technique!

65. I Am Z

I'm Special de Muze x Canabis Z

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Paddinton Rock Z

Brother of 5 international show jumpers!

67. Paddinton Rock Z

Pegase van 't Ruytershof x Indoctro

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Electric-Carmen Z

68. Electric-Carmen Z

El Barone 111 Z x F-One USA

°2019 Mare Hunter

Nouveau Nicky

Top mindset!

69. Nouveau Nicky

Gaspahr x Burggraaf

°2018 Mare Sport horse

No Cate JDV

Quality & Mindset

70. No Cate JDV

Cape Coral RBF Z x Cantos

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Cameron A Z

Scopey & Careful

71. Cameron A Z

Classe HS x Emillion

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

No Mercy

My sister jumps 1.50m!

72. No Mercy

Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Casantos

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Hunter, Equitation, Amateur horse

74. Miller

Cohinoor VDL x Zambesi

°2017 Gelding Hunter

Donna Blue BvL Z

An eager mare ready to secure those ribbons!

75. Donna Blue BvL Z

Don VHP Z x Mr. Blue

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Experience in abundance!

76. Habana

Ukato x Balou du Rouet

°2012 Mare Sport horse

Henky International

Future Hunter Champion!

77. Henky International

Diarado x Casall

°2019 Gelding Hunter


Everyone’s friend!

79. Imperial

Kylebeck Imperial x Cefncoch Royal Sovereign

°2011 Gelding Pleasure horse

Rebel O

Kannan’s scope!

81. Rebel O

Kannan x Numero Uno

°2021 Stallion Young horse


Super sweet 7-year-old D-pony, 1.45m

82. Moonlight

°2017 Mare Pleasure horse

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