Jun 23, 2022

BLADEL, THE NETHERLANDS - After the successful inaugural online auction of Dutch Horse Trading last month, the team of fourteen renowned and reliable horse dealers from Belgium and the Netherlands have found another exciting group of sales horses. Competitive showjumping horses ánd ponies, talented youngsters, and a pleasure horse will be offered for sale in their second monthly online auction from June 28-30.


All Information is Available

"We were very happy with our first auction," says Niels Fabrie, founder and initiator of Dutch Horse Trading. "Most horses got sold, and people are happy with them. We intend to create an open and transparent platform where everybody can find a horse of their liking. Whether it's a competition horse, an investment horse, or a friend for life, we want our clients to be successful, make a profit and be happy with their new purchase."

On the website of Dutch Horse Trading, all available information about the horses is made public. "Every auction horse lists the dealer who entered it, and all the dealer's contact details can be found on our website. We think it is important that potential clients know who they are dealing with and can ask us anything. We will answer to the best of our knowledge. We want clients to trust us and to feel confident when they buy at our auction," emphasizes Fabrie.


A Horse for Everyone

By organizing an online auction on the last Thursday of every month, the team of Dutch Horse Trading strives to create a place where everyone can find a horse of their liking. "We want to offer a constant supply of horses, all the time. That's why we organize our auctions monthly."

For the June 2022 auction, there are already 30 plus horses published on the website. "We have a few talented youngsters, experienced jumper ponies and horses, a gorgeous piebald, and a few really safe and sweet pleasure horses. There's a horse for everyone and for every budget, also for fellow horse dealers who want to make some money," says Fabrie.


Interested? Go to and the social media pages to find your right match!


What? Monthly auction of Dutch Horse Trading

Who? Fourteen reliable and reputable horse dealers

Where? Online at

When? Every last Thursday of the month. The auction opens Tuesday, June 28, at 12 noon and closes at 9 p.m. on Thursday, June 30.


All times are CET (European time zone in the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.)

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